QLC+ is a free and cross-platform software to control DMX or analog lighting systems like moving heads, dimmers, scanners etc.
This project is a fork of the great QLC project written by Heikki Junnila that aims to continue the development of QLC and to introduce new features.
The primary goal is to bring QLC+ at the level of other lighting control commercial softwares

QLC+ 4.7.4


Yet another maintenance release of the QLC+ 4.7 series. This includes some new minor features, the usual bugfix as well as the support for the DMX4ALL Nano DMX adapter (Linux only)
I take the opportunity to thank the DMX4ALL and the ElectroTAS team for providing a few USB adapters to be tested and integrated in QLC+.


  • NEW: added support for DMX4ALL Nano DMX adapter (Linux only at the moment)
  • Virtual Console: Solo Frames now handle Cue Lists and Sliders/Knobs in playback mode too
  • UI: Fixed some crashes on Function Selection and Widget Selection windows (thanks to David Garyga)
  • ClickAndGo: improved popup layout when a lot of presets need to be displayed
  • Channels Configuration: it is now possible to unset a Channel Modifier
  • Channels Configuration: fixed regression causing QLC+ to hang when forcing a channel to HTP
  • Show Manager: added delete action to tracks context menu
  • Show Manager: move cursor when the view is clicked even if the grid is not enabled
  • Show Manager: it is now possible to lock/unlock items
  • Audio Editor: it is now possible to select a specific audio card for playback
  • Cue List widget: Added a progress bar showing the current running cue status
  • Slider widget: when in submaster mode, restore the saved level
  • Speed Dial widget: added time divisors in configuration panel (thanks to David Garyga)

QLC+ on the Raspberry Pi Software Image


As probably a few of you already know, and as demonstrated back in April through an extensive video, I've been working hard to get QLC+ running smoothly on the Raspberry Pi. For those who don't know what it is, here's a nice page explaining the potential of this little device.
So, what about using this whole potential on a full DMX solution for under $100 ?
Today I'm proud to announce the first official release of the QLC+ on the Raspberry Pi software image.
All you need is a Raspberry Pi model B that you can get for around $35 and then you decide how to connect it to your favourite adapters/controllers.
QLC+ on the Pi integrates the same plugins and features of the desktop version, with no restrictions !
Please continue reading on this page to know how to get it

QLC+ 4.7.3


QLC+ 4.7.3 is here, as the third maintenance release of the 4.7 series.
There are a few improvements on several areas and a few crashes have gone away.
Even though minor releases don't aim to introduce new features, version 4.7.3 brings two major things:

  • A brand new Japanese translation thanks to Koichiro Saito
  • Channels modifiers. A few of you requested them (and I needed them too) so I took the chance to implement it. They can be set from the Fixture Manager/Channel fade configuration button. Please refer to the QLC+ documentation to understand how they work.
    Here's a screenshot of how the selector/editor looks like:

On the other hand, the finnish translation has been excluded from releases due to lack of maintenance
As usual, thanks also to everyone that submitted new fixtures, bugfixes and feedbacks.


  • NEW: it is now possible to assign a modifier curve to a channel
  • NEW: added Japanese translation (many thanks to Koichiro Saito)
  • Engine: Fixed fallback IO mapping messing up plugins lines
  • Engine: Fixed audio playback on non-default device working only once
  • UI: Fix saving changes when: closing QLC+, opening file, creating new file
  • VirtualConsole: fixed XY Pad tilt on universes other than 1
  • Monitor: fixed crash when showing 2D preview of a fixture that has been removed
  • Monitor: it is now possible to set a background image to the 2D preview
  • Monitor: fixed fixture positioning through the Fixture Item Editor
  • Fixture manager: fixed crash when deleting all groups/fixtures (thanks to David Garyga)
  • Fixture Editor: fixed gobos paths saved on Windows
  • Plugins/Peperoni: added preliminary input support (thanks to Jan Menzel)
  • Webaccess: button state now correctly switch depending on the sent value
  • New fixture: Beamz LCB-252, Cameo LED RGB PAR56 Can, Showtec Dynamic LED v3 (thanks to Sascha Büttner)
  • New fixture: Monacor LSX-142SRGY, Kam Laserscan 1000 3D, Chauvet DMF-10, TSSS XL35, Kam Powercan TRI54W Slim (thanks to Robert Box)
  • New fixture: Martin RoboColor-III (thanks to Boudewijn)
  • New fixture: StageTech LeaderScan Roto (thanks to Noel Utter)

QLC+ 4.7.2


Here's the second maintenance release of the QLC+ 4.7 series. Again, this version doesn't aim to introduce new major features, but to improve functionalities and fix regressions and issues.
I've dedicated some effort to improve the Web interface, by adding a preliminary version of a Simple Desk and creating a "developer API suite" to control QLC+ as much as possible via WebSockets. Web developers are now free to design their own web interface to QLC+. The HTML example page is not bundled with QLC+ but can be reached on GitHub or can be previewed here.
I would like to take the occasion to thank Dr. Jan Menzel at Peperoni Lighting for donating some devices to the project and to help improving the current plugin.
Thanks also to Santiago Benejam Torres for contributing with a Catalan translation.


  • DIP Switch tool: it is now possible to manually set a DIP configuration (thanks to Florian Euchner)
  • Fixture Manager: Added DIP Switch tool to fixture add panel to select an address by DIP configuration (thanks to Florian Euchner)
  • Simple Desk: fixed CPU waste and channels highlight on universes other than 1
  • Simple Desk: fixed cue stacks playback
  • Show Manager: fixed wrong track association causing copy & paste errors
  • Show Manager: fixed audio deletion crash
  • Virtual Console: Buttons can now stop all functions with a fade out time
  • Plugins/HID: fixed regression causing non working input
  • Plugins/Peperoni: added support for newer firmware versions (thanks to Jan Menzel)
  • Plugins/Peperoni: added support for 2 universes output on USBDMX21
  • Webaccess: preliminary implementation of Simple Desk
  • Webaccess: Added Web API for developers who want to control QLC+ via HTML+Javascript+Websocket
  • Added Catalan translation (thanks to Santiago Benejam Torres)
  • New fixture: Flash Butrym LED Moving Head Mini Beam 18x3W RGB CREE (thanks to laserandi)
  • New fixture: Chauvet Wedge Tri, Chauvet Gobo Zoom LED 2.0 (thanks to Jef M)
  • New fixture: Studio Due City Color 1800, Star Lights Mini Wash Moving Head (thanks to Tolmino)
  • New fixture: lightmaXX Platinum Line Mini TRI PAR 7x3W, lightmaXX Star Sphere 6 RGBAW (thanks to Flo)

OSX, what should I do with you ?


As a few of you might have noticed, these have been tough days for the QLC+ 4.7.1 OSX bundle. I always admit I am no expert of the Mac world but this time I believe the Qt team did their part in destabilizing even more the system.
I've been a fool to think that after 2 years and half that the Qt 4.8 family is around switching to a new version would have brought no consequences.
A note on the OLA plugin. Who uses it is now forced to upgrade to version 0.9.0. I'm sorry about that but the code was supposed to be backward compatible, instead it's not. I'm in contact with Simon Newton (creator of OLA) and we're trying to resolve the problem.
To conclude, version 4.7.1a is based on Qt 4.8.5 and linked against OLA 0.9.0.

QLC+ 4.7.1


QLC+ version 4.7.1 doesn't aim to introduce new features, but to improve the stability and usability.
There are good news for OSX users though. 2 days ago Qt 4.8.6 has been released, which should give a better support for the problematic Maverick, so I decided to bundle it in this version. Also I have finally been able to fix the annoying bug on audio playback, leading to crashes and freezing behaviour.
This version as been compiled against OLA 0.9.0, so everyone using the OLA plugin is invited to update their version too.


  • Monitor: fixed crash when loading a project with the monitor open
  • Monitor: show channel's icon in DMX view mode
  • Monitor: added 2D view Fixture item editor. Can set position, rotation and gel color
  • Show Manager: fixed common speed mode for Sequence steps
  • Show Manager: it is no more necessary to create a Scene to add audio tracks
  • Show Manager: improved import of existing Functions
  • Show Manager: highlight the clicked step
  • Chaser Editor: Sequences in Function Manager can have Run Order and Direction
  • Function Manager: fixed nested folders failure
  • Scene Editor: fixed crash when a group used by a Scene has been removed
  • Audio/OSX: fixed crash happening at the end of playback
  • Audio/Linux: if the selected playback device is not present, fall back to the default device
  • Webaccess: fixed Cue list play/stop sequence working only once
  • Webaccess: fixed sliders movement on a touchscreen
  • Plugins: Fixed ArtNet input universe indexing
  • Plugins: fixed ArtNet and E1.31 open/close when the same line is connected to several universes
  • Plugins: fixed ArtNet and E1.31 input association when the same line is connected to several universes
  • Plugins: implemented SPI autodetection of multiple universe channels when no fixtures are defined
  • Added fixture: Pro-Lights ARCLED7314HD (thanks to Tolmino)
  • Added fixture: American DJ Inno Spot LED (thanks to Paul Hill)
  • Added fixture: American DJ Sweeper Beam LED (thanks to George Qualley)
  • Added fixture: Contest Tri4U (thanks to Nicolas K)

QLC+ on the Raspberry Pi - Tech preview


After months of work I am proud to share with you the first results I've been able to get with QLC+ on a Raspberry Pi. Here's a video showing some of the nice things you can do with it.
This is a technological preview, so it means the software is not ready yet to be released or published.
In this preview, QLC+ is controlling more than 800 DMX channels, a DMX USB adapter and a SPI interface connected to a 16x16 home made RGB panel. It is also receiving commands from a MIDI USB controller and via WiFi through OSC.
A lot more can be done and I'm sure there's still space for optimizations and improvements, but they obviously take time.
If you are interested in the RGB panel, please contact me on my private email address.

Enjoy !

QLC+ 4.7.0


And here it is the final version of QLC+ 4.7.0. The last month has been spent on bugfixing and on consolidating this important milestone of the QLC+ project.
We took the chance also to introduce a couple of new features like more EFX presets and random Chasers playback.
Some work has been done also on the brand new Monitor 2D view, which can now be used to have an idea of how your lights will look on a stage without having them connected.
I am also proud to announce that QLC+ is now translated in Portuguese too. Thanks to Nuno Almeida !
Thanks also to all the users that spotted issues and submitted new fixtures, that at this point have reached a substantial number of 352.


  • NEW: New EFX types Square, SquareChoppy & Leaf (thanks to David Garyga)
  • NEW: Random order for chasers (Jano Svitok)
  • Monitor: Added support for dimmer channels, Pan, Tilt, color gels and fixture labels
  • Monitor: can monitor universes even if they're not patched to an output
  • Audio Editor: added source file, speed dials and preview buttons
  • Simple Desk: highlight channels in red when manually moved
  • Fixture selection: it is now possible to add groups or a whole universe to a Scene
  • Chaser Editor: fixed some cases of manual adjustments of steps timings
  • Scene Editor: fixed copy&paste of selected values in all fixtures view mode
  • Plugins: Added enttecdmxusbopen/channels to tune the maximum number of transmitted channels for Enttec Open and clones. This could solve flickering issues in some cases. (thanks to Daniel Torres)
  • Plugins: DMX USB FX5 is now supported on OSX too
  • Plugins: Added a +1 to the transmitted ArtNet universe
  • Added portuguese translation (thanks to Nuno Almeida)
  • Added fixture: Ledj Performer 18-Quad (thanks to Michael Clements)
  • Added fixture: Optima Lighting PAR64 LED (thanks to Ryan Kelley)
  • Added fixtures: Cameo Flat PAR CAN TRI 3W, Stairville maTrixx SC-100, Varytec LED Magic Mushroom (thanks to Jan Nolte)
  • Added fixture: Stairville LED bar 240/8 RGB (thanks to Mikko Toivonen)
  • Added fixture: Martin MAC 301 Wash, Martin MAC 700 Profile (thanks to Paul Evans, bwerst)
  • Added fixture: BoomToneDJ Slim PAR 7x3W LED RGB, Showtec Event Spot 1800 Q4 (thanks to Lorenzo Andreani)
  • Added fixtures: Eurolite LED PAR 56 RGB DMX, Expolite TourLed 42 (thanks to Frank Janosch)
  • Added fixture: Robe ColorSpot 700E AT (thanks to NiKoyes)
  • Added fixture: Chauvet SlimPAR TRI 12 IRC (thanks to Alessandro Grechi)
  • Added fixture: Chauvet EZPAR 64 RGBA (thanks to Ronnie Ross)
  • Added fixture: beamZ LS 3DRG (thanks to Julian Brennum)
  • Added fixtures: Chauvet Intimidator Scan LED 300, Chauvet Legend 230SR Beam (thanks to Craig Cudmore)

Regarding private emails


Lately I'm receiving a lot of emails on my personal address, asking for private support, bugfixes, building issues, and so on. As I already stated in this website (in the about page), I will not reply to them, unless they are a business proposal or very particular matters that are not worth to be shared in the QLC+ forums.
The reason is simple, I'm not that evil: QLC+ is an open source project that can grow only if users (and their kindness) share the information they have. This can be new ideas, issues found, new fixtures, building issues, code patches, videos, pictures, etc.
If this doesn't happen, you can already say goodbye to QLC+, as it would end up being just the product of my imagination. Since I am not representing a software house with roadmaps, QA and all that things, I invite everyone to share their findings in public.
Another simple reason is the timing. If you are looking for help, I might be busy or sleeping (I do that too, yes), so you might have a good chance on the forums since there are a few expert users that can help before me.
If your problem is the english language, then I'm sorry for you, but this is 2014 and it's probably time for you to learn the universal language spoken in this world.
Communicating in private is like being invited to a dinner and talking to whom is sit beside you in the ear ! It's clearly not what you want, right ?
Fortunately the majority of users understand this and I am always thankful for that, even if sometimes I don't have much patience...but that's another story.
I just wanted to pinpoint this, as I consider it important.

Thank you. Massimo

Video tutorial #5: Chasers


Here's another new video tutorial to explain how to use and edit Chasers with Scenes.
There are also a few words on how to control a Chaser with the Cue List widget.
Check it out in the tutorials page !

QLC+ 4.7.0 - Release Candidate 1


The time has come again for QLC+ to progress on a new minor release.
This version includes a lot of new features and some areas of the software required some major rework. One of them is the possibility to have an arbitrary number of universes.
For this and other reasons, this is a release candidate version. Depending on users feedbacks, this will turn into a stable release in a few weeks.
Some other major changes are:

  • A dedicated dialog to create and setup RGB panels
  • A brand new position tool for the Scene editor, and a few improvements to the XY Pad widget
  • FX5 USB DMX and Windows joysticks support. The HID plugin has been renamed so it is necessary to uninstall any previous version of QLC+ to avoid conflicts
  • EXPERIMENTAL: A preliminary 2D preview of the fixtures. For now it only supports the front view of RGB/CMY lights
As always I would like to thank all the people who contributed to this version with quality code, fixtures, translations, feedbacks and ideas.


  • NEW: Input/Output: QLC+ now supports infinite universes
  • NEW: Input/Output: added universe passthrough mode
  • NEW: Plugins: ArtNet and E1.31 plugins support up to 65535 universes
  • NEW: Fixture Manager: Added a dedicated dialog to quickly create RGB panels
  • NEW: Monitor: preliminary support of 2D preview monitor
  • NEW: RGBMatrix: added audio spectrum mode
  • NEW: Simple Desk: added channel groups tab
  • NEW: Plugins: Added SPI plugin (Linux only)
  • NEW: Plugins: Added FX5 support on Windows & Linux (thanks to Florian Euchner)
  • NEW: Plugins: Added Vince DMX512 USB adapter support (thanks to Jérôme Lebleu)
  • NEW: Position Tool: XY Pad-like position setting in Scene editor (Jano Svitok)
  • NEW: XY Pad shows pan/tilt coordinates (Jano Svitok)
  • NEW: XY Pad keyboard controls: Shift+arrows - fine control, Ctrl+arrows - 10x speed, Ctrl+Shift+arrows - faster fine control (Jano Svitok)
  • NEW: Fixture Manager: Fixtures channels can now be manually forced to HTP/LTP
  • Function Selection: fixed OK button greyed out and various crashes
  • MIDI plugin: Linux support for pitch wheel and note/channel aftertouch (Jano Svitok)
  • MIDI plugin: improved pitch wheel and input/output settings (thanks to Robert Scheffler)
  • Webaccess: fixed positioning of headerless frames
  • Monitor: added combo box to select which universe to monitor
  • Editors: fixed crashes when deleting running functions (thanks to plugz)
  • Plugins: added HID joysticks support on Windows
  • Documentation: Added Sound Control tutorial (Jano Svitok)
  • Added input profile: BCF2000 in Mackie Control mode - all buttons are usable (Jano Svitok)
  • Added input profile: Akai APC40 (thanks to Daniel Curry)
  • Added fixtures: DTS Max FAR, DTS Nick NRG1201 (thanks to Vasily Leushin)
  • Added fixture: AGPtek RGB 6ch Crystal Ball (thanks to Davey Daytona)
  • Added fixture: American DJ Tribar Spot2 (thanks to Rob Goudriaan)
  • Added fixture: iSolution iMove 5 Series (thanks to Dave Doyle)
  • Added fixtures: Chauvet Intimidator Beam LED 350, Spot LED 250/350 (thanks to Robert Scheffler)
  • Added fixtures: Alkalite Octopod DP-80, Eurolite LED DMX Pixel Tube 16 RGB (thanks to Ryan Gough)
  • Added fixtures: Stairville Quad Par Profile RGBW 5x8W, Stairville DDS 405 (thanks to Nicolas Rasor)
  • Added fixtures: American DJ P64 LED Plus, American DJ SP1500 MKII, Laserworld EL 200RGY, Botex DSP-405
  • Added fixture: Showtec Quatro (thanks to Florian Euchner)
  • Added fixtures: Chauvet SlimPAR 64, Chauvet Q-Spot 560-LED (thanks to Chris Laurie)
  • Added fixture: Showtec Phantom 250 Wash (thanks to Cingulingu)

QLC+ 4.6.1


This is a maintenance release of QLC+ that aims to improve the stability of version 4.6.0. However, a couple of new features have been added this time as well:
- It is now possible to set a startup function for when QLC+ switches to operate mode. This completes the kiosk mode, so QLC+ can autonomously control lights "from scratch".
- The Virtual Console clock widget has been improved, so now it is possible to schedule a list of functions to be started at precise times of the day


  • NEW: Function Manager: it is now possible to set a startup function that is started every time QLC+ switches to operate mode
  • NEW: Clock widget can now be used to schedule a function startup
  • VC Audio triggers: fixed divisors behaviour
  • VC Slider: fixed submaster renaming
  • Engine: restored timed fade out + stop all functions functionality
  • Function selection dialog now looks like function manager (with categories and folders)
  • Show Manager: do not add a Show on popup cancel
  • Show Manager: when using an existing Scene as track create a sequence instead of a chaser
  • Fixture Manager: add quick search bar on fixture add (suggested by NiKoyes)
  • Engine: fixed Show playback not respecting fade times
  • RGB Matrix: added a whole lot of new scripts (many thanks to Plugz)
  • UI: added warning message when fixture definitions are not found during project loading
  • VC XY Pad: fixed behavior for 8bit Pan/tilt fixtures (Jano Svitok, found by Cinguligu)
  • Webaccess: fixed behaviour of buttons in solo frames
  • Virtual Console: multipage frames input associations are now contextual
  • Added input profile: KORG nano PAD (thanks to Alessandro Grechi)
  • Added fixture: Showtec ZIPP LED DMX (thanks to Marek Pleva)
  • Added fixture: Chauvet Circus 2.0 (thanks to Anthony King)
  • Added fixture: Proel Analogue Dimmer 6Ch (thanks to Lorenzo Andreani)
  • Added fixture: Ledj Tri LED back drop controller (thanks to Michael Clements)
  • Added fixture: Eurolite PST 9W RGB (thanks to Joa Palmer)
  • Added fixtures: Chauvet LED Techno Strobe RGB, Venue Scanner 4 (thanks to Davey Daytona)
  • Added fixture: American DJ Fusion FX Bar 5 (thanks to DJ Drew)
  • Added fixture: Pro-Lights LumiPAR 12Q (thanks to Alessandro Grechi)
  • Added fixture: Stairville MH-X20 (thanks to Kristo)
  • Added fixture: Showtec Indigo 4600 (Jano Svitok)

QLC+ 4.6.0


Yet another new version of QLC+ for your lighting Christmas holidays.
This time we focused on consolidating and improving what was introduced in the 4.5 series, but of course we didn't miss the chance to introduce some new major features, as well as some goodies.
I would like to highlight:

  • Brand new E1.31 (sACN) input/output plugin
  • Folders in the Function Manager
  • Virtual Console submaster sliders
  • Rewritten Function Wizard (to the professionals: don't be can use it too to speed up a project design :) )
A lot of work has been done also under the hood, keeping in mind that one of QLC+ goals is to run smoothly on a Raspberry Pi. For this reason, the web access functionality can now be considered out of the experimental stage. (even though still perfectible)

I would like to thank (in random order):
  • Jano Svitok for actively developing, reviewing, forum-ing in this project
  • Michael Clements for reviewing the whole documentation
  • OLA's father Simon Newton for submitting some patches that will allow QLC+ to run on the incoming 0.9 series.
  • George Qualley for beta testing the folders feature
  • The translations guys that promptly contributed with their precious changes
Stay tuned for more new exciting features that will keep on adding value to this continuosly evolving project !


  • NEW: Plugins: Added E1.31 protocol input/output plugin
  • NEW: Virtual Console: Sliders can now be used as submasters of a frame
  • NEW: Function Manager: added folders with drag & drop functionality
  • NEW: Function Wizard has been completely rewritten
  • NEW: EFX Editor: added relative position settings (thanks to Jano Svitok)
  • NEW: MIDI plugin: added the possibility to send a SysEx initialization message on an input or output line (thanks to Joep Admiraal)
  • NEW: Added Audio fade in/out support (also in Show Manager)
  • NEW: It is now possible to control RGB Matrices intensity
  • NEW: RGB Matrices can now be converted to Sequences and imported into Shows
  • NEW: It is now possible to control fixture heads in EFX and XY Pad (thanks to Jano Svitok)
  • NEW: Virtual Console clock can be used also as a stopwatch or a countdown
  • Virtual Console: fixed audio triggers incorrect loading
  • Input/Output: improved audio device selection
  • Audio Input: fixed crash occurring on Linux for unsupported audio devices
  • Fixture Editor: set previously selected color when editing a color macro
  • Fixture Remap: improved remapping of fixtures with of the same type
  • Fixture Manager: refresh fixtures list when loading a project on startup
  • RGB Matrix Editor: fixed crash when opening a project with the RGB Matrix editor open
  • Package: Fixed installation of RGB scripts and Windows associations (thanks to Jano Svitok)
  • Documentation: reviewed and turned into proper english (thanks to Michael Clements)
  • Web access: improved to reflect the live situation of the Virtual Console
  • Virtual Console: fixed widgets paste into a multipage frame
  • XY Pad: when focused, can be controlled with arrow keys (thanks to Alex Paul)
  • Added fixtures: Pro-Lights LedPar 64363 RGB, Pro-Lights LumiPar 7QPro, Pro-Lights Strobo 1500DMX (thanks to Lorenzo Andreani)
  • Added fixtures: Pro-Lights Explo 3000D, Pro-Lights LumiPar 18 Tri, Robe_ColorMix_240_AT (thanks to Lorenzo Andreani)
  • Added fixtures: American DJ Mega Tri Par, Clay Paky A.LEDA Wash K5, Clay Paky A.LEDA Wash K10, Clay Paky A.LEDA Wash K20
  • Added fixtures: American DJ Sweeper Beam Quad LED, American DJ Ultra Bar 6/9/12, American DJ Inno Color Beam Quad 7
  • Added fixture: American DJ Inno Color Beam LED (thanks to Louis Gutenschwafe)
  • Added fixtures: American DJ/Elation Event Bar LED, American DJ Micro Wash RGBW (thanks to George Qualley)

Video tutorial #4: Scenes


I finally found the time and the technological way to produce a new video tutorial to explain how to use and edit Scenes. Check it out in the tutorials page !
Just a small note for YouTube users: if you're going to vote against, at least have the politeness to write a comment explaining why you didn't like a video. That would help me to make better material in the future. Thanks

QLC+ 4.5.1: Happy birthday !!


On November the 5th, 2012, I forked the QLC source tree. In other words that's the day I started to develop QLC+. A lot happened since then ! Lot of new functionalities, fixtures, bugs and fixes, ideas, discussions and results.
To name a few: ArtNet and OSC plugins, Show manager, audio input/output, Click & Go and 800 gobos, Cue lists crossfade, Live editing, DMX dump, multi page frames, fixture remapping, web interface, channel groups and many more I might be forgetting right now.
I am pretty satisfied of this first year and my hope is to continue this way to give users a choice against very expensive software that are not always synonym of quality.
Just for fun, I collected a few numbers to help you understand what there has been behind QLC+ in just one year.

  • 32610 lines of code added
  • 108 new fixtures added.
  • 1646 posts on the QLC+ forum
  • 19 releases, 839 commits, 178 tickets/pull requests addressed
  • 3 video tutorials
  • More than 17000 visits to this website...and counting
So, what can I say ? A big thank you to all the people that helped to make this real !
As a birthday present I am also starting to give out (hey, shouldn't it be the other way round ?) the all-in-one QLC+ PDF manual (111 pages). Basically it's what you find in the internal documentation, but packed in a single (better looking) PDF document. Hope you enjoy it !


  • NEW: Virtual Console: audio triggers can now control Speed Dials tapping (thanks to Jano Svitok)
  • NEW: Virtual Console: added clock widget
  • NEW: RGB Matrix now supports 2 colors
  • NEW: Scene Editor: color selection tool live tracking (thanks to Stefan Riemens)
  • Live Edit: Improved live editing of Scenes and Chasers
  • Fixtures remapping: added a button to clone and autopatch a fixture from the source list
  • Function selection: added radio buttons to show all or only the running functions
  • Virtual Console: fixed regression on buttons name auto assign
  • Virtual Console: fixed multi page functionality for solo frames
  • Virtual Console: fixed audio triggers thresholds save/load on projects (thanks to Jano Svitok)
  • Virtual Console: fixed knobs rendering on OSX
  • Virtual Console: fixed crash when enabling multipage on headerless frames
  • Virtual Console: fixed copy of Click & Go feature when cloning sliders/knobs
  • MIDI plugin: fixed beat clock detection on OSX
  • Show Manager: Improved to fit on a 1024x768 resolution
  • Engine: fixed Collection potential crash (thanks to Jano Svitok)
  • Engine: fixed Scene fade out when only one function is running
  • Engine: fixed end of audio playback not notified
  • Engine: fixed audio capture limited signal on OSX
  • Simple Desk: universe reset is now performed also on non intensity channels
  • Simple Desk: channels are now updated in full view mode too
  • Added fixture: Chauvet 4Play (thanks to Ryan Schaefer)
  • Added fixtures: American DJ Fusion FX Bar 1, Chauvet Intimidator Scan LED 200 (thanks to synkajax)
  • Added fixtures: Stairville PAR64 CX-3 RGBW, Stairville TRI LED Bundle Complete (thanks to Lars Kildholt)
  • Added fixture: Monacor CPL-3DMX (thanks to Marcus)
  • Added fixtures: Pro-Lights CromoSpot 150, Evolight Colours SL3 (thanks to Lorenzo Andreani)

QLC+ 4.5.0


This has been the toughest release I've ever done since I picked up the QLC project.
A lot of development has been done and there is not enough space here to describe all the new functionalities included in this version. So, here it is, a whole page dedicated to QLC+ 4.5.0.
In this occasion there are some special credits and notes to be mentioned:

  • ENTTEC donated a DMX USB Pro Mk2 to the project. Many thanks !
  • Chris Laurie donated a Raspberry Pi to the project. Many thanks !
    This started a special task I picked up to run QLC+ on a very cheap/headless system and get the best out of it. I prepared a page where you can follow the progresses of this side project: The long way to the Pi
  • The brand new web access feature is possible thanks to an awesome project called Mongoose. Once again this demonstrates the big potential of open source software and how the software industry is progressing.
  • To shorten the development time I asked the permission to use a very nice widget called "Ctk Range slider". It's been granted by the Common Toolkit team owned by Kitware Inc.. They release their open source code with the Apache 2.0 license, which is not compatible with the GPLv2 license adopted by QLC+. See next point.
  • This release is the last version licensed under GPLv2. I am waiting the confirmation to switch to a newer license like GPLv3 or Apache 2.0. For now, this is a self-signed off exception to the GPL compatibility restrictions.
  • I would like to renew my gratitude to the translation team, who is patiently following the evolution of this project
  • Thanks also to all the users that reported issues, shared new ideas and experiments and those who submitted their fixtures


  • NEW: Functions now have attributes. They can be controlled by right clicking on a Virtual Console button in operate mode
  • NEW: Added multi-page support to Virtual Console frames
  • NEW: DMX dump can now set a Scene on a Virtual Console button or slider
  • NEW: Added Live Edit functionality to modify functions while in operate mode
  • NEW: added Czech translation (thank to Jan Lachman)
  • NEW: QLC+ GUI can be customized with an external CSS-like style file (see documentation)
  • NEW: MIDI plugin can now receive Program Change and MIDI beat clock
  • NEW: Audio triggers turned to a Virtual Console widget. No backward compatibility. Please update your projects.
  • NEW: In Fixture Editor, it is now possible to copy/paste physical information
  • NEW: "Stop all functions" now has 4 presets (1s, 5s, 10s, 30s) to fade out intensity channels before stopping
  • NEW: It is now possible to set a working range window in Virtual Console XY Pads (all credits for the CTK range slider go to the Common Toolkit team)
  • NEW: Audio input and output card can be selected from Input/Output panel
  • EXPERIMENTAL: added web interface to run QLC+ on a headless system. Default port is 9999. Run QLC+ with '-w' option to enable web access.
  • Cue List "Stop" input turned into "Playback", to handle start/stop of a cue with one key
  • Improved Fixture Editor add mode channels procedure, to reduce fixture creation time
  • Fixed channel groups remapping
  • Updated Spanish translation (thank to Luis García-Tornel)
  • Added Tap keyboard mapping to Speed Dial widget
  • Fixed Show Manager viewport scaling considering audio tracks too
  • Slider Matrix can now have a custom width
  • Fixed VC slider external control when minimum value is not 0
  • Fixed dutch translation preventing to load pictures on Fixture Editor
  • Fixed Virtual Console knobs with Click & Go functionality
  • Added fixtures: American DJ Fog Storm (with FS-DMXT Remote Timer), Stellar Labs LED PAR38 RGB (thanks to X)
  • Added fixtures: American DJ Accu Spot Pro, Scanic Astute LED 108, Showtec Mini Max LED RGB, Showtec Phantom 250, lightmaXX LED MEGA PAR64 RGBW 18x8W (thanks to laserandi)
  • Added fixture: Eliminator Lighting Electro MH25R (thanks to Travis Cook)
  • Added fixtures: Geni OBY 5, Geni OBY 600, Griven Kolorado 2500, Coemar ProWash 250 LX (thanks to Goran)
  • Added fixtures: Martin JEM ZR44, Briteq W07L12 (thanks to Joep Admiraal)
  • Added fixture: Stairville LED BAR RGB 252 (thanks to Ralf Herold)
  • Added fixture: Showtec Acrobat (thanks to OddSocks)

QLC+ 4.4.1


Summer is almost gone, so it's time for QLC+ to get back to work with a new version: 4.4.1 !
This is mainly a bugfix release, but, as usual, it doesn't miss the chance to bring some new juicy features for users to improve the live and editing workflow.
Most notable is the Fixture remapping functionality, which should deliver an important shortcut when facing several shows "on the road".
Another happy news is the introduction of the Dutch translation, for which all the credits go to Raymond.
Even though QLC+ is getting more and more feature rich, a lot is going on in the development area, so I would expect a 4.4.2 pretty soon, with some more interesting features.
As always I would like to thank all the users that properly reported issues, shared fixtures, did beta testing and that suggested useful improvements. I would really like QLC+ to keep this way and be designed around user needs, and not just an abstract development path.


  • NEW: Added Fixture remapping functionality. It is possibile to perform 1-to-1 or 1-to-many remapping
  • NEW: In Show Manager, tracks can be moved up or down
  • SceneEditor improvement: when checking a channel group, fixtures are automatically added and channels enabled/disabled
  • Fade out time is now considered out of a step duration
  • Fixed crash when using knobs in percentage mode
  • Fixed copy of a knob resulting in a slider again
  • Fixed Audio Trigger Factory multiple enable issue
  • Fixed most of the VC Cue List crossfade wrong behaviours
  • VC Cue list intensity can now be set before playing
  • Fixtures panel and Function Selection panel now remember their state (thanks to Jano Svitok)
  • ArtNet plugin listens to broadcast address. This makes Enttec ODE to work also on Linux and Windows
  • Fixtures groups are now saved when exporting fixtures lists
  • Improved audio volume functionality
  • Saved a lot of CPU usage during Show playback from the Show panel
  • Click & Go RGB/CMY can now be set "live" when holding the mouse left button
  • Improved OSC plugin to handle mixed data (like from PureData OSC)
  • Fixed sequence incorrect start time when dragging it
  • Added dutch translation (thanks to Raymond Van Laake)
  • Added fixture: QTX SL Series (thanks to Tom Lincoln)
  • Added fixture: Briteq BT W12L10 (thanks to Joep Admiraal)
  • Added fixture: Chauvet COLORdash Batten (thanks to Kurt Malkames)
  • Added fixture: Stairville SC-100 (thanks to Lars Kildholt)
  • Added fixtures: Contest LedColor, Dune Lighting MOVLED60W (thanks to Nicolas K)
  • Added fixtures: Lanta Fireball P64s, QTX SL [153.778], KAM LED PartyBar (thanks to Brian Ely)
  • Added fixtures: Stairville MH X25, Stairville SF 1500, Pro-Lights LumiPAR18QPRO (thanks to Veljko Stankov)
  • Added fixture: Stairville xBrick Full Colour (thanks to fintch)

Translators needed


It would be nice if QLC+ could get more translations, to reach a wider number of users not feeling at home with the english language.
In particular it would be great to complete the spanish translation and add portuguese, japanese and dutch.
Anyone can be a translator. No need for development skills. If you want to help, don't hesitate to contact me.

QLC+ 4.4.0


Version 4.4.0 is finally here. The beta version has been completed and consolidated, based on users feedbacks and suggestions.
There's also a new goodie which is the possibility to display sliders as knobs.
This version has also been built against OLA 0.8.30, so if you intend to use it, then update your version.


  • NEW: Virtual Console sliders can now be displayed as knobs
  • Siders style improved to get closer to real consoles appearance
  • Fixed empty Sequence steps save/load causing QLC+ (and the operator) to freak out
  • Inverted VC Cue list "next step" slider to reflect external controllers faders
  • Added feedbacks to VC Cue List crossfade sliders
  • VC Cue List manual crossfade when sliders are not linked now goes to next cue when sliders reach their opposite ends
  • Reorganized documentation and introduced more user friendly guides (thanks to Jano Svitok)
  • Fixed potential crash when closing QLC+ and not using Audio input triggers
  • Fixed Show Manager sequence creation not updating Function Manager tree correctly
  • Fixed Function Manager sequence deletion removing also its parent Scene
  • Fixture Editor is now shiny and colorful (as someone said)
  • Changed function copy name to respect alphabetic order. Now it's "Function #xx (Copy)"
  • Updated german and french translations (thanks to Heiko and NiKoyes)
  • Added Fixture: Blizzard Lighting Blade RGBW (thanks to James Elliott)
  • Added Fixture: Stairville MH-X50+ (thanks to Guillaume Rousseau)

QLC+ 4.4.0 beta1


After almost two months, a new version of QLC+ has landed. As you can see from the post title, I decided to release it as a beta version, instead of declaring it stable and then rushing to fix it.
So, you're advised, this is a beta and can surely be improved. You might find it awesome or even terrible.
As you can see from the website new style, I've worked to improve the three main areas of QLC+ usage.
To name a few important changes: Cue Lists cross fade, Audio Cues, Audio input, Show Manager playback resume
Depending on the feedbacks I will receive on this version, a final 4.4.0 will follow.


  • NEW: Shows can now be started at any position in time
  • NEW: Audio files can now be added and inspected from Function Manager. They can also be added to Chasers, to create Audio Cues
  • NEW: In Scene Editor, fixture channels can be selected (CTRL+Click) for advanced copy/paste
  • NEW; Audio input support. It is now possible to associate DMX channels, functions or VC widgets to audio volume and spectrum bars
  • NEW: VC Cue list crossfade functionality. It is now possible to open a side panel with two sliders to manually control the transition between two chaser steps
  • Scene Editor now uses global clipboard too, so values can be copied from a Scene to another
  • Copy and paste is now allowed in "all fixtures view" mode too
  • Project loading speed improvement. Should be much faster on projects with lot of fixtures
  • Fixed regression of Chaser Editor paste operation, causing a major drop of performances
  • Fixed regression introduced with the hold parameter, causing "infinite" value wrong behaviour
  • Fixed 'hold' setting changed from a speed dial for RGBMatrix, EFX and Simple Desk Playback Cue
  • Fixed loading of empty sequence steps when all values are set to zero
  • Chasers can now be started/tested from any step
  • Virtual Console size is now taken into account when loading a project (including kiosk mode)
  • Scene Editor now remembers the fixtures view mode (not saved into project)
  • Fixed QLC+ 4.0.0 regression causing Function Manager to reset the tree state on show/hide
  • Fixed ArtNet input never reaching zero value (thanks to Jano Svitok)
  • Fixed MIDI feedback corrupting non zero channels (thanks to Jano Svitok)
  • Fixed EFX editor start offset overflow (thanks to Jano Svitok)
  • Added Sequences/Audio creation overlapping check on Show Manager
  • Audio functions now support volume adjustment. Not yet on Chasers though.
  • Added fixture: American DJ Mega Bar 50RGB (thanks to George Qualley)
  • Added fixture: SGM Giotto Spot 400 CMY (thanks to Willy)
  • Added fixture: PixelRANGE PixelPar 44 (thanks to bwerst)
  • Added fixture: Look Solutions Unique 2.1 (thanks to Nicolas K)
  • Added fixture: American DJ TRI64 Profile (thanks to Jed Nou)

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